From Wasteland to Wasteland

I am delighted to announce the start of From Wasteland to Wasteland, a new project that has been made possible with support using public funding from Arts Council England. This initial funding will allow me and 4 other artists; Lorna Dallas Conte, Helder Clara, Dan Thompson and Graham Ward to visit, make work and develop a prolonged project in response to the Lochnagar Crater, France.

The crater was formed on 1st July 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme and it is a great privilege to have been granted permission by  site owner, Richard Dunning, for us to work at the site and have access to his personal archive.

We begin our journey on March 16th 2017 and will be sharing the development of the project on social media and through a dedicated blog (news of that soon). We will be drawing connections to T S Eliot’s poem, partly written in Margate, and through our responses connecting Wasteland to Wasteland.

PRESS RELEASE-FromWasteland to Wasteland

I first visited the crater in 2015 and you can read my initial response here:  The Remnants of Remembrance