Read the diary of Clarice Spratling

Adventures of a VAD

In 2007 I began transcribing the diary of Clarice Alberta Spratling. Clarice was a young woman who, in 1915, volunteered to nurse the wounded of WW1. She was posted to France where she served for the duration of the war, not returning home until 1919. She left her home town of Ramsgate, Kent on September 28th 1915 and began writing a diary when she arrived in France. The diary records 6 months of her life nursing in Wimereux and Bolougne and provides a fascinating insight into the life of a VAD Nurse.

Clarice’s diary and archive have been the central focus of my practise since. I always knew that when it reached the 100 year anniversary of Clarice’s ‘adventure’ I would publish the entire diary and so have created a dedicated Facebook page for Clarice and will be adding entries of her diary 100 years after she wrote them.

Follow this link to read the diary you don’t need to have a Facebook account to read it, but if you do have an account please like and share the page.