The silence of knitting receives funding from Thanet District Council

I am very pleased to announce that the event The silence of knitting has received funding from Thanet District Council.


The silence of knitting

For 2013, Silent Cacophony will create a series of performances at locations that became a casualty of V-Rocket and Zeppelin attacks.  Performance interventions of various art forms will suddenly appear throughout Monday 11th November, representing the sudden explosions and randomness of these events.  Each performance will tell the story of its own particular location, as if the memory is being conveyed by the place itself rather than a person.
The Silence of Knitting will explore the act of knitting for the troops during both World Wars and the unspoken, silent words of hope, love and good luck that each stitch represented. War poets often spoke of this in their prose and one particular poem by Jesse Pope called The Knitting Song is particularly relevant.
Margate Zeppelin
On 31st March 1916, a Zeppelin was crashed off the coast at Margate. The wreckage was towed ashore a sandbank just off the main Margate Sands, dismantled and the remains left to the elements (and apparently evidence can still be seen at very low tides)
The silence of knitting will be an event that takes place in two forms.

Margate event:

Mon 11th Nov 11am

The shelter, next to Primark (This shelter overlooks the main sands where the wreckage of the Zeppelin was dismantled)

Marine Drive


An event of people coming together and knitting in silence.

Outside Margate:

Participants are welcome  from any location and can take part without attending the event in Margate

All participants will be knitting, in white wool,  from the same pattern for Shamrock Lace, a pattern that comes from the archive of WW1 VAD Nurse, Clarice Spratling. 

 If you would like full details of how to take part in this conceptual event then please contact me


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