Diaries of the Here and Now

A project to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice

About this project


One hundred years ago on November 11th 1918, the guns fell silent and hostilities ceased on the Western Front with the signing of the armistice. One hundred years later we reached a day that maybe the men dared to dream about; a day they were fighting for, a day in the future that their children’s children would see, a day when the world might be a better place because of their actions. The Diaries of the Here and Now recorded that day and gives a snapshot into the lives of the people who took part and created diaries.

The Diaries of the Here and Now,  developed by Dawn Cole to commemorate the Centenary of the Armistice took place at two locations; University of Kent Special Collections & Archives and The Memories Project at Canterbury Cathedral as part of The Canterbury Journey project.

The project asked people to use a hand-made blank diary to record their day on 11th November 2018. They could record anything about their day; their thoughts, feelings, what they did, something important that happened. It could be recorded in any way; through written form, photographs, collage, painting, poetry, creative writing.

Completed diaries were returned to either venue and then entered into their archives where they can now be accessed for viewing and research.

The diaries, written by people spanning several generation, take numerous themes, inc;

  • general accounts of the day
  • political
  • remembrance and remembering specific people
  • memorialisation
  • reflections on war and conflict
  • health
  • Brexit
  • fears for the future
  • personal stories
  • journeys 

and include drawings, paintings, collage, poetry and even film.


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