Thought Patterns

Thought Patterns are a series of collagraph prints made from found and discarded handmade lace. They form part of the body of research that was completed for the project Reading Between the Lines. The structure and appearance of the lace was used to inform the structure of the lace made from lace.
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About this project

Thought Patterns began when i was collecting discarded and found hand made lace as research for the project Reading Between the Lines. I was looking at how the structure of lace appeared visually, as a three dimensional object and then how that appeared when used to produce a 2 dimensional print. The collection of lace was sourced mainly from charity shops. I found that using these items that had been handmade by someone and yet simply discarded somehow connected with the way in which i came to be in possesion of Clarice’s archive. This archive of a WW1 Nurse was in my mother’s attic, and was sorted by my sisters to be taken to the tip. I happened to visit my mother just in time to rescue the suitcase containing the archive. I am fascinated by the objects that others deem uninteresting or uninmportant and how easily it is to simply dismiss something as ‘rubbish’ without really exploring its potential.